Smarter Planet: How Economy and Analytics are Driving Jewelry Sales

ImageJewelry sales are set to shine this year and expected to grow more than 11 percent in the second quarter and nine percent overall this year, according to a new Big Data-based retail forecast from IBM.

According to the analysis, improved consumer confidence, lower unemployment and enhanced stock dividends from the fourth quarter of 2012 have combined to leave people ready to start spending on luxury items again, like jewelry.

In addition, key retailers are buttressing the economic landscape and driving sales by leveraging Big Data analytics to better understand and respond to customers and trends. Sterling Jewelers, for example, which owns the popular Jared and Kay brands, overhauled its digital channels to better respond to changing consumer preferences. The move led to an increase in online sales of 49 percent this past holiday season.

Sterling commissioned IBM for research that included a customer segmentation analysis, voice of the customer surveys and in-store observations. With deeper insights into customer needs and distinct shopping scenarios ā€“ as well as the capabilities required to support them online ā€“ they were able to extend the Kay and Jared in-store shopping experience online and into the mobile channel.

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