Fast Casual I Smashburger debuts restaurant makeover

Smashburger debuts restaurant makeover

To say Smashburger’s CEO, Dave Prokupek, is comfortable with change is an understatement. In fact, he may even thrive on it and believes changing things up is one reason his chain has thrived since it launched five years ago. The better-burger franchise unveiled its redesign — its third in five years  — when it opened its 200th unit last week in Denver, Colo.

“When we started Smashburger we were committed to staying modern and relevant at every turn, in our recipes and in our design aesthetics,” Prokupek said. “This new design is part of that commitment, with high-tech digital menu boards and localized art and storytelling graphics that we believe bring the Smashburger brand and experience alive for guests in the restaurants. We believe evolution is vital in the restaurant industry order to stay at the cutting edge of the industry and relevant and interesting to our guests.”

The new design will serve as a template for all future openings, said Prokupek, who has plans to open 60 to 70 units this year. The updated décor also features softer lighting, earthy materials and brighter colors that offer a more contemporary feel. Each restaurant, however, will remain a little different from the next, because the chain will continue in its tradition of developing a local burger that incorporates the favorite ingredients and taste profiles of each region.

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