Denver Eater | Jax, Cuba Cuba, and Udi’s to Open in City Set Project

CitySetUdi’s, Jax Fish House, a version of Cuba Cuba, and a beer garden are coming to Glendale, all in the same development, City Set development set to open its doors with these attractions and more in the summer of 2013.

Udi’s, which already owns and operates several restaurants in the Denver metro area will open a new outpost, joining a fourth location of Jax Fish House. Cuba Cuba Sandwicheria, a casual sandwich-centric version of the Golden Triangle restaurant, will add some ethic flair to the offerings and World of Beers, a beer garden concept, will provide an additional draw.

The City of Glendale’s business-friendly environment has been credited by some of Eater’s sources for securing this attractive line-up of eateries. The entire site will likely be able to capitalize on the relatively new Colorado open container law, something not currently possible in the City of Denver.

Interested in learning more about available retail space at City Set?

Check out the brochure or contact Scott Crosbie, Crosbie Real Estate Group, at 303-398-2111.

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