Boulder Daily Camera | Boulder’s boom: More than 30 building projects on tap for next 2 years

Big changes are brewing in Boulder.

The city is on the brink of a building boom that — in relatively short time — could alter the look and feel of large parts of the city.

The developments that are expected to come online within the next two years are on track to add 1,500 apartments, a few hundred new hotel rooms and a large volume of new office and retail space.

Of the dozens of projects either in the planning process or already under construction, the Daily Camera has identified more than 30 private developments that are significant in size, location or historical context.

“This long list certainly contradicts the notion that Boulder is not growing — and, indeed, is a note of caution that we not rush to develop them all at once,” City Councilwoman Suzanne Jones wrote in an e-mail to the Camera. “There are finite options for new development and redevelopment within Boulder, so we need to proceed with deliberation, creativity and even restraint to ensure that this pulse of building activity reflects Boulder’s long-term values and community aspirations.”

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